The Best Ideas Come From You: Speak Out

With the government takeover of healthcare becoming law and our ever-increasing national debt weighing down on our children’s future, Washington’s agenda looks nothing like the American peoples agenda. It’s no wonder people all across America are continually asking the same question: why isn’t Washington listening to us?


I’ve had enough. Have you? Well, here’s a new outlet – – to voice your ideas to change America. This is an outlet where these ideas will not fall on deaf ears. Together, we can create something new, something bold, and something to act as a check and balance to Washington’s out-of-touch agenda. And we can work to craft this agenda now, instead of waiting to let more bad policy go unchecked. The stakes are just too high to wait any longer. American families continue to struggle from job losses month after month, all while Congress continues to increase Washington spending, pile onto the debt, mettle with American free enterprise, and ignore national unemployment that hovers near ten percent.

Thankfully, millions of Americans are engaged and continue to offer ideas, even though the majority in Congress shuns the idea of listening to the people. As a Member of the minority in the House of Representatives, I’ve seen this firsthand. I held two healthcare town halls last summer, and about five thousand people showed up to overwhelmingly support saying no to the government takeover of healthcare. But, Washington did not listen to our voices, and the voices of countless other Americans. Instead, the backroom deals prevailed over the majority of America. Well, we can change that. That is why were trying something different.

Unlike this Congress and Administrations we know best, business-as-usual arrogance, we are actually going to involve the American people in building an agenda. Why? Because it’s the peoples House. It’s your government, not Washington’s. From social media like Facebook and YouTube, to mobile apps, to traditional town hall setting, to a central forum:, we have built a process where Americans can speak out and share their ideas and solutions for the challenges our country faces. Many conservatives have already begun to put forth positive solutions for a new agenda, and we want those and other ideas. Whatever the topic, whether it’s the economy, spending, values, national security, we want to hear from the American people.

As conservatives, we know our principles, and we also know the best ideas do not always come from Washington. In Washington, we’ve seen enough tax hikes, government takeovers, bailouts, and other big government solutions under Speaker Pelosi’s control. So, while suggestions like raising taxes or growing government won’t be a part of our agenda, we aren’t afraid to debate them in an open forum. Like many of you, I believe in a free market of ideas and not shying away from debate. Remember, this Democratic-controlled Congress needs to continue to hear who is really in control of government. It is the people.

Now, some will probably attack America Speaking Out for partisan reasons or to distract from the problems with Washington. But, we shouldn’t fear this process. We know the stakes are too high and America has reached a tipping point. We’re here to change that. So, let your voice be heard. Speak out and get America back on successful path, create a new future that allows us and our children to succeed, and create a check and balance to what is going on in Washington. Please join us at