Cedra Crenshaw, Candidate Mom, Escapes Clutches of Chicago Machine

Cedra Crenshaw proved to be too quick to be the latest victim of the Chicago Machine. She’s running for the Illinois state Senate as a Tea Party Republican, and Democrats did their best to keep her off the ballot.

Though the district is reportedly 2-1 Democrat, she’s still making them sweat and they tried their best to find anything to prevent voters from having a choice – even stooping so low to nit-pick about wording on Crenshaw’s petition.

[vimeo 13532968]

Crenshaw has been fighting, sometimes alone, for public school accountability and parental choice. It’s those types of leaders that make the power brokers nervous.

If wording on a petition could defeat Crenshaw, then Democrats and power brokers in Chicago and Springfield wouldn’t have to answer to voters for their record. So sad, Machine: Crenshaw will be given the opportunity to hold the entrentched power to account.

EAGtv caught up with Crenshaw to hear about why she’s running and what she’s fought for to improve education.

Author’s note: AJ Wilhelmi (the Democratic candidate) and the Chicago Machine best gird for a tough fight. Crenshaw and a whole lot of citizens have your number.