Planned Parenthood, Child-Trafficking, and the Poor Choices of NPR and Company

Several days ago, while visiting the home of a dear friend, Andrew Breitbart, I was asked to view a series of videos which were intended for immediate release into the news cycle. They were made through the efforts of Lila Rose, a woman I had never met. The videos depicted several senior staff members of various Planned Parenthood clinics aiding the efforts of a supposed human- sex-trafficker of children. The pro-life activists who made the videos were posing as a victim of sex-trafficking and as a perpetrator who was actively involved in illegally abducting and smuggling little girls into our country for the purpose of holding the children against their wills and allowing grown men to rape them for money.

Needless to say, a deeply profound conversation took place once he finished showing me the material. He asked me what I thought the Mainstream Media Establishment would do with this evidence. I told him there was no way they would be able to defend such injustices. He said they would — that they would misrepresent the facts and attack the videos creator. He, in graphic detail, described what the media would do. I didn’t agree and couldn’t imagine such an effort could be pulled off. I explained that it was impossible for two reasons: The videos were clear and the consciences of the journalists and editors would prevent such a dastardly spin from occurring. He explained that the Left’s darlings are always above reproach and the media would protect them to the point of absurdity.

Throughout the day, both of our minds couldn’t stop from returning to the Planned Parenthood issue. He couldn’t believe I could be so naïve as to really believe the Mainstream Media Establishment would honor truth and not protect their darling. My mind could not stop returning to the two subjects I always try to avoid thinking about: abortion and human-trafficking.

I explained to him that I didn’t take a position on the issue of abortion and that looking at the matter might force me to revisit an experience I was a part of in my past. I didn’t want to think about it or look at it, as I might have to come to some harsh conclusions about my own actions. He explained that he was adopted. The conversation stopped after this was said and didn’t resurface again. We went about our business of doing interviews and discussing news items.

On the night before the videos release, I went to bed alone in a Los Angeles hotel. Andrew had given me a pre-release copy of his new book and I couldn’t put it down. The realization of this man having been adopted and instead of being aborted, that he was born and thus able to create, think, express himself and participate in being an American citizen weighed heavy on my heart. I fell asleep wondering what would happen with the Planned Parenthood scandal the following morning.

The following morning started early with a cab ride to LAX. The first Planned Parenthood video was released on and I began frantically doing media analysis. Lo and behold, Andrew had been right.

The first dishonest spin I could find came from Media Matters. They asserted that the video was a “hoax” and that Planned Parenthood had immediately contacted the FBI to report a potential human-trafficking ring. This assertion was patently false. The truth is that these videos had been made in numerous locations. In each setting, a senior Planned Parenthood staff member did everything they could to help the supposed perpetrator continue to profit from the raping of children. They even went as far as instructing the supposed perpetrator on the importance of making sure the little girls “kept their mouths shut,” lest a concerned employee would get nosy and report them.

To Planned Parenthood’s credit, somewhere between clinic number ten and twelve, an office manager decided it was wrong to help a man profit from the continual rape of little girls who had been kidnapped. Kudos to that one office manager — but what about the many Planned Parenthood managers before who not only did nothing but actually aided in US tax dollars being used to support such horrible crimes? What were the folks at Media Matters thinking when they made the willful choice to defend such atrocities?

After a few hours on the plane, I finally landed and turned my phone back on. To my astonishment, NPR had taken the same spin and framing as Media Matters. Thankfully, after Andrew convinced one of the NPR producers to actually watch the video, NPR retracted the word “hoax” out of the story on their website. The damage was done though. By displaying the Media Matters narrative, and then leaving it up for an extended period before correcting themselves, NPR had officially framed the story for the Left. Gone was an opportunity to address what had occurred. Gone was the opportunity to educate the public about the rise and prevalence of human-trafficking in the United States –especially during the week of the Super Bowl, an event that Human-trafficking experts have unanimously agreed is being exploited for the purposes of profiting from the systemic rape of little girls who have fallen victim to sex-slavery.

At that point, I wasn’t at all surprised to see CBS adopting the Media Matters/NPR framing and doing the same cover-up for the ignorance and lack of humanity displayed by numerous senior staff members from Planned Parenthood. It seemed so simple to me. Come out, thank Lila Rose for identifying the issue and bringing it to light, announce a new effort to better train staff, and most import of all, use the entire matter finally give help to the advocates of human-trafficking victims who have fought for years to educate the public on what atrocities are occurring right beneath our privileged little noses. But no, the Left Media’s little darling could do no wrong.

Having been recently focused on lobbying various law enforcement agencies in an effort to get more resources applied to liberating the victims of human-trafficking (one thing a former snitch is good for), I decided to get the thoughts of a woman I see as our Nation’s foremost expert on Human-Trafficking. Her name is Dottie Laster. She’s spent nearly a decade fighting daily in efforts to educate citizens and governmental agencies, has a Radio Show, “TRAFFICKED,” which is devoted to issues surrounding the victims of sex-trafficking, and tirelessly works with the victims to be able to restore their lives once the cycle of abuse has been stopped.

Here is the statement she gave on the Planned Parenthood scandal:

“No matter what your opinions on abortion are, in the United States we have strict laws, regulations, procedures and ethics that protect children from being sold in commercial sex. As a scholar of sociology, I have observed that it is not uncommon for organizations which are established to protect freedoms and rights grow, expand and develop into groups that fail to protect the individuals they were formed to serve. Daily, I see instances of law-enforcement, non- profit organizations, legal systems and others fail victims of human-trafficking. Precious windows of opportunity for escape lost or perhaps even worse, the organizations assist the traffickers whether knowingly or not.

After viewing the Planned Parenthood video my first thoughts were of the victims I have served over the last 8 years. Specifically the women and girls — their horrendous statements of rape, gang rapes, torture, branding, starvation, extortions, assault and their reports of repeated forced abortions and miscarriages due to the trauma they received. I have often wondered where these multiple abortions took place and how medical professionals had not seen the extensive trauma to their bodies, spirits and souls.

In this film the apathy for the victims from the Planned Parenthood manager is not uncommon. Her willingness to be helpful to the pimp about how to work the system and receive services to provide birth control, STD testing, and abortions to children in commercial sex was unfortunately was robotic in the face of atrocity. I hope she truly had no idea of the hell on earth that the victims of sex-trafficking endure and how her instructions to keep the children quiet, send them with a biased interpreter and to

avoid contact with the unpopular clinician who would be strict about sexually active youth. I trust she did not know how these instructions would affect the victims’ lives, human rights/civil liberties, and limit their futures. In addition I must hold hope she was not thinking of the families that loved the immigrant children she spoke of who would be devastated to learn what was being planned for their children in the United States.

We have societal myths surrounding the combination of sex and money which blind and fog the minds of people who could have helped the victims and prosecuted the traffickers. A recent example is Lawrence Taylor ‘s deal of no jail time after pleading guilty to two misdemeanors due to buying sex with a minor who he admittedly paid a pimp for sex acts with even though she had a black eye and had clearly been recently beaten and was only 16. There was also a case in Texas, where a 13 year old who was arrested for prostitution and the county prosecutor prosecuted her all the way to the Texas Supreme Court- Her 32 year old “boyfriend’ was never questioned. She had received two abortions before the age of 13 while under his supervision and she was mentally deficient, yet she endured only punishment from our justice system. One of my clients, was arrested at 16, for being in the US illegally due to the trafficking, after undergoing eight to nine abortions and one birth which resulted in death of the infant two days later; a child victim alleged her experience at a hospital where she went to ask for help due to the pain and trauma associated with being prostituted – she asked the doctor wrote a note to her pimp saying she should not have sex for a week and was sent back to him- just as the woman in the film suggested the pimp told her to make money above the waist.

I so wish people would not be seduced and their perspective fogged when they see adults putting children in commercial sex. All children in commercial sex are victims of trafficking according to the Trafficking Victims Protection Act and anyone who attempted or intended to participate/facilitate human trafficking activities could face prosecution under the TVPA-whether they completed the crime or not.

I hope that this organization and the individuals who assisted this pseudo- pimp will use this opportunity to train their staff about the laws and protections surrounding children in forced labor, the criminal penalties for anyone who assists in prosecuting children such as prostituting a minor 14 or under which could result in a federal life sentence. They could learn that commercial sex is anything exchanged of value for stripping, pornography or prostitution and learn how to identify victims of trafficking both children and adults and the procedures to effectively assist them.

No matter what medical procedure a person requests their right to privacy must be maintained through HIPPA laws and should not be shared with any pimp or trafficker- and any immigrant minor in the United States who is not accompanied by a parent or guardian must be protected and custody established. I see many training opportunities brought to light due to this video for Planned Parenthood and any organization who serves marginalized populations. The TVPA also has a clause that states any government contractor whose employees or sub- contractors or their dependents engage in human trafficking activities may lose all government funding. So I urge all organizations to address their policies and procedures immediately. The first effective action that any group can do is to recognize that ANY MINOR IN COMMERCIAL SEX IS A VICTIM OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING and that anyone putting a minor in stripping, pornography or prostitution is a trafficker- and should be treated as a criminal.

I hope in the future a film like this would demonstrate a staff displaying a fierce urgency to protect victims and children from forced labor and commercial sex.”

In light of the above statement, I’m left to wonder what happened to the humanity of those with NPR (the first reputable news outlet to engage in the cover-up) who participated in this, and CBS. Has the Left vs. Right struggle become more important than truth? Yeah, we have all been putting a little edge on our stories, but to blatantly engage in this?

And for the managers and staff of Planned Parenthood who did all they could to help victimize children sex-slaves, and the senior organizational leaders who, at the very least completely pissed on an opportunity to help society at large, what was the matter? Was it that they were former radicals who had not yet grown out of their ridiculous support of Mumia, caught in the youthful notion of the “Man at war with the People?” Is that why so many managers didn’t contact the police?

Last but not least, what about us as a nation? Do our past “choices” keep us from being able to honestly look at what has just occurred? Are we allowing our various political orientations to blind our ability to recognize such a clear case of wrong?

This author doesn’t know or comprehend what bizarre cocktail of moral relativism and political ambition was behind this injustice.

What I do know is this:

The videos of Planned Parenthood managers and staff doing these horrible deeds are accurate, truthful, and should be seen by all. The Mainstream Media Establishment’s portrayal of the videos has entered the realm of utter deception and has participated in perpetuating a system where adults and children are victimized by the human-sex-trafficking industry.

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