Wisconsin Capital in Meltdown

From Josiah Cantrall, BG’s man-on-the-scene in Madison:

Capitol is in an uproar! A man sported a sign, “burn Walker”. Complete with a drawing of Gov. Walker withering in flames of fire.

Protesters recognized me from my Fox News appearances. One lady refused to leave me alone and began yelling my name and position to anyone who’d listen.

She approached a burly union man and continued with her, “Josiah” rant. He then followed me around for over ten minutes. I went up three floors, turned corners, visited every wing of the building and yet, he remained on my trail. He was at least two inches taller and 100 lbs heavier than me.

Approximately 3,500 protesters are present. When I left they had dragged a sound system into the capitol building. The first speaker was outraged by the “unconstitutional metal detectors”. He followed it up by declaring that any windows screwed down “violate the American Disabilities act”.

Much to the crowds delight, the main speaker promised ” we will break in tonight, the next night and the next night if we have too”. I left the scene as they began chanting, ” we wont leave”.

At 5:00 pm the entire Democrat caucus is rallying with crowd at State street and Carrol.

Wisconsin Educators Association Council is bringing in 15 busloads of teachers for the rally.

A man just dropped his pants….In defiance of Gov. Scott Walker.