Dem Doom: Pennsylvania May Apportion Its Electoral Votes

This was a victorious week for Republicans, as Republican candidate Bob Turner defeated the Democrat, David Weprin. The vacant seat of “tweet this” Anthony Weiner was up for grabs. The 9th district of New York which typically votes Democrat spoke loudly against the current administration. Many of the residents of that district are Jewish and expressed dismay for President Obama’s stance on Israel. A fact that was pointed out by talk show host, Audrey Russo on a recent episode of The Rick Amato Show.

A Democratic media consultant told The Atlantic that if they had let Weiner “go to rehab and then reapportioned the district out of existence, they’d have saved everybody a million dollars’. Is that the Democrats answer to silencing the opposition? Redistricting?

Not long ago, I spoke to Tom Del Beccaro, Chairman of the Republican Party of California. We here in California recently underwent redistricting. Mr. Del Beccaro told me that Republican Senate seats were lost in the new districts due to the map changes. He went on to say that much of the boundary changes made little or no sense. It only succeeded in reducing GOP seats.

Well, here is a bit of poetic justice. State Senator from Pennsylvania, Dominic Pileggi has proposed a plan on how Pennsylvania will divvy up its electoral votes. With the support of the governor of Pennsylvania Tom Corbett, Senator Pileggi unveiled his plan.

In 2012, his state will have 20 electoral votes. One for each of their 18 members of the US House of Representatives, and 2 for US Senators. Under Mr. Pilleggi’s proposal, there would be 2 for the statewide vote. 18 would be for the Congressional district in regard to the presidential vote.

Both Pilleggi and Corbett argue that this is a fairer way to divide electoral votes. Saying it would represent the views of the people more. Maine and Nebraska both have this system in place.

In Pennsylvania’s case, I think that would turn out fairly. However, it was not completely the case for California.

Word to the Liberals: turnabout is fairplay. Cannot wait till 2012 elections!