Big Labor's Scorched-Earth Campaign in Ohio a Preview of Obama's Reelection Campaign

This week’s defeat of Ohio Senate Bill 5 is just a preview of what can be expected during the 2012 elections, as Ohio voters rejected public union limits.

Big Labor, realizing that it had to protect its public unions, showed its solidarity as it spent almost $30 Million dollars and filled the streets with foot soldiers to ensure Senate Bill 5 was defeated (see Public Unions: Last Hope for Big Labor at America’s Expense!, Off-year Ohio election posts highest turnout in 20 years and Unions Target New Ohio Law). In a foreshadowing of the 2012 elections, the gasping dinosaurs showed they are not going down quietly!

Conversely, it was evident that Governor Kasich and other Ohio republicans were not prepared and did not understand the labor machine or their corporate campaign playbook, and they were subsequently steamrolled by these tactics (as described in Corporate Campaigns: Vehicle to Forced Unionism and Political Payback). Obviously, they did not learn from Wisconsin, where massive changes to collective bargaining laws were successful and, as a result, the state is now headed towards a balanced budget (as seen in A Win in Wisconsin! Next, the Rest of the Country). The difference in these two situations was that Wisconsin’s Governor had a plan and was prepared for Big Labor’s scorched earth attacks.

The question now is if the conservative candidates for the presidency and Congress will be prepared and stand firm in the face of scorched-earth attacks sure to occur during the 2012 election campaign. If they plan to be successful, they must be aware that Big Labor is fighting for its very survival and is therefore a very dangerous opponent. Secondly, Big Labor has a powerful ally in President Obama, a trained SEIU union organizer (depicted in Obama and the SEIU Sittin’ in a Tree). The President will utilize all of his prior training to affect the labor agenda through techniques and mechanisms as described in recently exposed SEIU manuals (see SEIU Training Curriculum and Contract Campaign Manual). This will include intimidating his challenger and then ramping up a smear campaign. Additionally, constant misrepresentation of the facts and misleading propaganda will be foisted upon the American Public with the media falling in line in typical fashion.

In fact, the President has already started utilizing such tactics, as expressed in his comments on his recent “Jobs Bill”/2012 Campaign tour. The tour, paid for by American taxpayers, spread ridiculous notions, such as Republicans want dirtier air and dirtier water! President Obama made similar attacks during the debt ceiling debate when he said “I cannot guarantee Social Security checks will be mailed if a debt deal is not reached,” which implied that Republicans were responsible for not reaching a deal!

Big Labor will continue to harp on the idea that conservatives are destroying the middle class. Big Labor will continue to recruit individuals that are naïve and easily manipulated/intimidated. These attacks are apparent to someone who has experienced a Big Labor Corporate Campaign. Their plan is to isolate, intimidate and force its target to capitulate, as chronicled in The Devil at My Doorstep. Although the final objectives are different, the ruthless tactics are the same!

There is no doubt that this week’s result in Ohio and the tactics utilized are an indication of the ugly, brutal battle that we can expect during the 2012 election (see US Poll Battle Likely to Be Close, Tough, Maybe Brutal and The Brutal Campaign Ahead). The question is whether or not the voters will wake up in time to realize America needs an effective leader, not a politician; if not, they will receive a brutal awakening to who is really running the country.