Mitt Romney Should Hire Occupy Wall Street to Follow Him Around: He Needs the Message, They Need the Jobs

The conservative base may not have rallied to him (yet), but one thing Gov. Mitt Romney does better than any other candidate is stand up to the misinformed goons of Occupy Wall Street.

Leftist hecklers have been after Romney since before the Occupy protests started. They’ve elicited responses such as Romney’s statement that “corporations are people“–which the left has selectively edited and spun against him ad infinitum. But Romney is growing better and better at confronting and debating them.

In fact, the Occupiers are helping Romney by enabling him to draw stark contrasts with President Barack Obama–something he has been reluctant to do, creating an opening for Sen. Rick Santorum. They’re also bringing the passion out in a candidate who still needs to connect to the frustration felt by Republican voters and Americans in general.

Here’s Romney handling Occupiers in Clive, Iowa–and encouraging the audience to protest Obama’s policies as loudly as the hecklers protest capitalism:

[youtube -oDR3gjtVbg#!]

And here’s Romney in New Hampshire taking apart the mindless propaganda of an Occupy protestor who challenged him to describe corporations as “abusive”:

[youtube INuk3p0LlSY#!]

Though it might seem unlikely at first, there’s an opportunity to strike a mutually beneficial deal between Romney and Occupy Wall Street. He needs a stronger conservative message; they need jobs.

Romney should use some of his ample campaign funds to pay Occupy Wall Street demonstrators to follow him around and heckle him–with the caveat that they will be responsible for their own legal bills.