Breaking News – Wis. Court Rules Elections Agency Must Attempt to Find Duplicate, Fake Recall Signatures

Hitler and Mickey Mouse have been put on notice.

Yesterday afternoon, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker won a favorable ruling in Waukesha County Circuit Court.

Court rules that the GAB is obligated to honor the rules under statutes and presents further ruling as to the Defendants’ obligations. Court orders the Defendants’ (GAB) is obligated to take such reasonable steps to strike duplicate signatures, ineligible signers/addresses and fictitious names. Court leaves to the GAB to meet it’s obligations and properly overseeing and supervising their staff and with respect to resources they are obligated to use what they have. They are obligated to seek additional resources if needed. GAB to apply sound judgment and discretion. Court is not requiring unlimited investigation and is not preventing the GAB from setting priorities.

In December at a meeting of the GAB, Board staff made several stunning admissions. GAB representative stated, on the record, that all signatures that include a proper date and Wisconsin address are presumed valid, even those of Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler.

More than 540,000 signatures are required to trigger a recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Previously, the GAB said the recall petitions would not be data entered by state staff. It falls on Walker, or other independent groups, to discover fraudulent signatures among the tens of thousands of recall forms submitted. Before today’s court ruling the GAB had said that all signatures would be given the presumption of legitimacy and it would be up to Walker to challenge any questionable signatures he would find.

We’ll know more in the coming days how the GAB intends on complying with the court order.