Occupier Alleges Leaders of Occupy Wall Street Housing Group Abused Rape Victims

Even though the #Occupy movement has been kicked out of parks across the nation, apparently the sexual assaults continue. An online petition and other discussions reveal accusations of people within the #Occupy movement allegedly ignoring and abusing rape victims and contains shocking details about how assailants continue to be let back into Occupy, a trend that Brandon Darby and I discovered during an interview at Zuccotti Park in early November.

The online petition posted at iPetitions.com was posted by Strong Women Rule, the group formed by Nan Terrie. Big Government recently revealed that Ma. Terrie has been attacked by other Occupy leaders as a “disruptor” for trying to expose assault, theft and alleged financial malfeasance at Occupy Wall Street. Apparently, Ms. Terrie is disrupting the Occupy illusion again.

Here’s the text of the online petition:

This petition is to inform the churches who host occupiers that the people who have point person duties, Jason and Jeff, do not have the support of the housing working group. These two men have proclaimed themselves the leaders of the Occupy Wall Street Housing group, which houses Occupiers at WestPark Presbyterian Church (on Manhattan’s Upper West Side) and Park Slope United Methodist Church. A female occupier was raped. She went to the hospital, had a rape kit done, and filed the police report. The hospital found semen, and they found out the woman had been drugged. The perpetrator was arrested. After he was release [sic] pending his trial, he decided he wanted to have [sic] Occupy Wall Street again. Jason and Jeff took it upon themselves to dismiss the concerns of other occupiers, particularly females. Its [sic] unacceptable that they would jeopardize other women this way. The housing group doesn’t want either of these gentlemen to deal with the churches as point people, so any action or discussions they have with the churches should be considered illegitimate, non binding, and non representative of Occupy Wall Street. By so callously dismissing the feelings and concerns of a rape victim, these men have effectively abused her all over again. Please send a message to all concerned that abuse and dismissal of women is not to [sic] tolerated.