Indiana Democrat State Rep. Tells Constituent: 'Stop With the "Free Market" Bull. Please Don't Write to Me Again'

State Rep Craig R. Fry (D-5)

William Voll was stunned to receive a rude e-mail from his state representative, Democrat Craig R. Fry, after sending him an email of the sort that elected officials receive every single day–and which it is their duty to consider.

Mr. Voll runs a manufacturing business in Mishawaka, Indiana. He supports the right-to-work legislation that is currently moving through the state legislature over vehement Democrat, labor, and leftist objections.

So Mr. Voll wrote a polite email to his state representative, Democrat Craig R. Fry, who has served in that office since 1988, urging him to back the right-to-work bill (addresses redacted):

Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2012 8:39 AM

To: Craig Fry

Subject: Please support right-to-work

As a constituent of yours, I am writing to ask you to support right-to-work.

Opponents claim that the passage of Right to Work Legislation will reduce the overall wages in the state. Is this argument really a smokescreen hiding their real concern?

The RTW law will expose the services provided by union organizations to the same free market forces that all other goods and services are subject to. It will allow members to ask themselves “Am I receiving a service worth paying for?” If they are then unions have nothing to fear from RTW laws.

A contractor should be able to cost justify “union wages” by using a highly skilled electrician because of faster completion, better quality, fewer reworks, etc. With the huge skills gap in this country a skilled electrician should always be employed.

The IBEW advertises that they train their members to be Class A Electricians, If that is so and the union can keep its member’s skills current in a fast changing environment, as a union member I think it would be a service well worth paying for in the form of union dues.

If the service has no value, then the provider should go out of business like any other service provider or if necessary can the unions reinvent themselves and provide a service their members are willing to pay for.

If RTW passes, it will be interesting to see if the services offered by union organizations are actually worth paying for or have they been living off of another form of welfare “forced dues”


Mr William Voll

Mr. Voll told Big Government: “I have sent emails to Rep Fry before and have always received the standard form email response back that you get from all politicians.”

This time, however, was different:

From: Craig Fry

Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2012 10:09 AM

To: William Voll Jr.

Cc: Marilyn Cage

Subject: RE: Please support right-to-work

Sorry, but you are wrong and please stop with the “free market” bull. Please don’t write to me again….I am a 40 year member of the Carpenters Union.

Rep. Craig Fry

Rep. Fry is up for re-election in November 2012.

Perhaps, after that, he will no longer have to worry about emails from Mr. Voll.