I am here to support Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch

If you haven’t heard the news. First off where were you and second dude this is the only site for news. Dana Loesch was being attacked for a statement on her radio show this past week. She said,”given the chance, she would also urinate on the corpses of dead Afghans.” If you are a smart person you understand she meant that she would pee on dead terrorists. Thou she also condemned it first many people have attacked her on her statement. Also Women, Liberty and America’s Future breakfast held by the Illinois Policy Institute decided to dis invite her because of her comment.

This is a joke because she’s have been a strong supporter of the military and would not want our troops to do bad things. She is saying thou is that compared to how our troops get treated by the enemy this is harmless. Yet people don’t get that this is her right to say it. The first amendment give us the right to free speech. She a political radio talk show host. She stir the pot to get people talking.

I’ll bet you also believed Ann Coulter meant it on the last part when she said “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.” No it’s using humor to make a point. Dana pointing out that compared to terrorist we are easier on terrorists then the terrorists are on us.

The hate speech on the left are way more harmful then what my girl d-lo said. From wishing President Bush was dead to asking for the rape of Sarah Palin plus hoping the arabs kill all the jews and put them in the oven. This new tone the left been preaching is only for attacking Right Wingers and their support of the military. I hope that if a lefty said i like to piss on Sarah Palin the left will condemn them as fast as they did Dana but i doubt it.