Romney Duped by Chavez, Undercut Bush and American Interests In 2005

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez recently called Barack Obama “a clown and an embarrassment.” Chavez may hold a similar opinion of Mitt Romney – for good reason. Along with siding with the Left, as recently as 2005, then Governor Mitt Romney undermined Bush and American interests abroad, while empowering one of its enemies.

When Chavez, aided by the American Left, offered low cost heating oil to America as a political move intended to undermine then Republican President George Bush, Mitt Romney joined with the Left in praising the deal. And Romney didn’t stop there. Emphasis mine.

Joseph P. Kennedy II, chairman of the nonprofit Citizens Energy, which is helping to administer the discounted oil, said it was unfair to criticize Chávez’s motives when other oil-providing nations had given no aid. … In Venezuela, “you have a country led by somebody who cares for the poor.”

Governor Mitt Romney yesterday hailed the accord, though he declined to discuss Chávez. “I’m delighted to hear we’ll be able to purchase oil at a lower price than the market for our citizens,” he said.

This via page 84 of a recently leaked McCain oppo research file on Romney from 2008.

“Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican like President Bush, cheered the agreement during a Statehouse news conference, saying, ‘I want to say thanks to Congressman Delahunt and all of those around the world working to get lower-priced energy to us.'” (Mark Jewell, “Venezuela To Provide Discounted Heating Oil To Massachusetts,” The Associated Press, 11/22/05)

Independent analysts pronounced it a political move to hurt Bush and also help to empower Chavez to take control of a significant number of oil fields down the road.

“The plan in Massachusetts is ’eminently a political move’ designed to compromise the White House’s domestic position, said Patrick Esteruelas, an analyst with the New York-based Eurasia Group. He said it was also a way to emphasize what Chavez has long cited as the failings of U.S. policy. The initiative is part of a larger effort by Chavez to use Venezuela’s surging oil wealth to extend the country’s influence.” (Mark Jewell, “Venezuela To Provide Discounted Heating Oil To Massachusetts,” The Associated Press, 11/22/05)

Chavez went on to make a move on more American and European oil fields just two years later.