Incompetence, Mismanagement Hamper Republican Conference

Poor Planning Makes For Poor Attendance at Southern Republican Leadership Conference

Earlier today The Associated Press ran with this headline: “Gingrich cancels campaign event, poor attendance.”

But the lack of attendance isn’t because Gingrich isn’t popular, it’s because the event cost too much and the attendance is way too low, with the lowest tickets fetching a $1,000 a head. Sponsors who spoke with our team in the field said that promoters had misled them as to the number of tickets sold, telling them on the phone that more than 2,000 tickets had been. The event, in other words, was a total flop. There were barely a few dozen people in the huge College of Charleston arena.

Part of the problem was the organization for the event. A source we spoke to told us that the promoters didn’t even have an agenda until the event was underway and that nobody was there to greet people. “There wasn’t even anyone there to tell us whether to go to have our events,” the source said. “I would be ashamed if my name were associated with it.”

Below the sponsors pack it up because of lack of interest.

Sponsors Packing It Up at SRLC

Sponsors Packing It Up at SRLC