Rick Moranis: Debate Time (Again) at the Buffet

From Bloomberg News:

Welcome to the YouNews/Mama Belle’s Quality Country Inn All You Can Eat Buffet Republican Primary Debate. From the Belle Vue Room, Route 2, Plainfield, U.S.A. Your moderator is Sherm Willinson, YouNews Web designer and blogger and Mama Belle’s food and beverage manager.

SHERM: Gentlemen, let’s begin the debate. You know the rules. See what you can get away with. We’ve asked the audience to stay silent throughout the debate, except when Speaker Gingrich has the floor. Governor Romney, let’s begin with you. What did you think of the buffet?

MITT ROMNEY: I loved it, Sherm. And so did my beautiful wife, our five sons and five daughters-in-law and our 165 grandkids and their spouses. You know, this is breakfast in America. And America is an All You Can Eat Buffet, or rather, should be. This president wants us all to eat gruel — the very same gruel. And he wants to take the Mama Belle’s fine maple- sweetened turkey off my plate and give it to you. Now I’m happy to share it with you, Sherm, and as you saw on my tax returns I share a lot of my good fortune, which I’m not ashamed of, with the many less fortunate among us. And I’ll continue to do that and more, which is why it’s imperative that we keep charitable contributions deductible. But, Sherm, not every American can afford to participate in a full buffet. Now the speaker, I noticed, went up to the buffet the first time with a small plate, suggesting he might just participate in a more modest, less costly option of cold cereal and fruit. Well, sure enough, he came back with the same small plate and helped himself to the more expensive hot service area. That’s a violation of ethics. I don’t mislead people, Sherm. I don’t promise one thing and then do another. That’s corruption and fraud, and that leads to far worse things that are dangerous to our country. I don’t do that. The speaker does.

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