Adbusters Tells Occupiers to Take to the Streets of Chicago a la 1968

This past weekend Occupy Wall Street protesters engaged in violent protest that led to the arrest of some 300 protesters, just as Adbusters now calls for protestors to descend upon Chicago this summer in the tradition of the 1968 riots.

The City of Oakland found itself griped in domestic terrorism as Occupy protesters took to the streets in violent rampages that included breaking into city hall, burning an American flag, and pelting police officers with rocks at the Henry Kaiser Convention Building as the protestors tried to take over the vacant center by tearing down perimeter fencing.

Police officers in riot gear were forced to use smoke and tear gas to disperse protesters, which led to hundreds being arrested at City Hall and the convention center. Oakland Mayor Jean Quan denounced the unholy acts of pure violence and terrorism, calling on the protesters to stop using Oakland as their personal playground.

The violence in Oakland follows the recent warning by the U.S. Park Police to Occupy protesters here in Washington D.C. that they have until 12:00 Monday to remove their tents from both McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza, which are federally owned parks. Some protesters interviewed have vowed in the local media to violently resist any attempt by U.S. Park Police to remove their tents (temporary structures), kitchen, and other creature comforts from both parks as the noon time Monday deadline draws closer.

The U.S. Park Police were finally forced to take action against the protesters after numerous complaints from city residents and officials about rodent infestations and health concerns. The Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) wanted to know “why the Department of Interior, which has control of the U.S. Park Police, was being so lenient with Occupy DC Protesters until called before the committee.”

Occupy DC Protester arrested arrested by U.S. Park Police Officers

Those cities that have been gripped by Occupy Wall Street protests have not only lost millions of dollars in revenue as protesters have taken up residence in high tourist areas, but many cash-strapped cities have found themselves having to pay out overtime to overworked polices officers, city officials, and contractors to combat the crimes, health concerns, and antics of these protesters.

Adbusters, the radical Vancouver-based magazine that many on the left have credited for the ideas behind Occupy Wall Street, put out an ad this past week calling for more than 50,000 protesters to descend upon Chicago in May to disrupt the G-8. Adbusters has calls upon protesters to engage in a level of civil disobedience not seen since the now famous riots at the 1968 Democrat Convention, which was hosted by the same city.

The magazine called on protesters to flock to the city, set up tents, kitchens, and peaceful barricades, then occupy the city for the month. Adbusters threatened the city with flash mobs in the streets, shutting down stock exchanges, campuses, and corporate headquarters worldwide if the demands of the protesters are not met.

Adbusters Tactical Briefing #25 calls for mass Chicago protest in the tradition of 1968

Many of those same Democrat leaders such President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, who have actively embraced Occupy Wall Streets as an alternative to the Tea Party Movement, have gone silent on the movement’s actions that have included violence, anti-semitism, property destruction and general mayhem.

If Oakland is any indication of what Adbusters is calling for in Chicago, then it is all too clear that Occupy Wall Street protesters and those who have embraced them seek to use violence to effect the change that they have not been able to obtain in the last 40+ years as well as under the Obama Presidency.