Tom, Dick, Harry and Carville

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email today to find correspondence from none other than James Carville, the former political consultant for the Clinton campaign and the crass producer of liberal ideology.

The subject line contained the names, Tom, Dick and Harry, and was a mass email generated by the The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), in an effort to raise funds for the Democratic re-election campaigns, including President Obama.

My curiosity landed me on their email list in November when they created their yearly cheat sheet for Democrats on how to refute Republicans over Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, they actually did that and I’m certain it made for many peaceful holiday dinners.

Since that time, I receive regular emails that give me insight to the types of propaganda and lies being fed to Democratic supporters.

Through the DCCC, James Carville wrote.

I’m tired of all the Tea Party’s shenanigans. Seems every day is a new assault on the middle class or seniors, all in the name of protecting every Tom, Dick and Harry Millionaire’s right to not pay one red cent in taxes.”

The leftist rhetoric continued when a follow-up email was received several hours later but this time from Nancy Pelosi and contained the following comment.

“With your help we can put an end to the Republicans’ unrelenting war on women, seniors and the middle class.”

I understand the use of hyperbole, I come from a long line of over-reactors, but this is nothing more than spin and lies.

When has any Republican in Congress ever stated that Millionaires should pay zero taxes? And since when has any Republican declared an all out “unrelenting war on women, seniors and the middle class?”

The “Seniors” reference is from the claims that Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan will destroy Medicare. Paul Ryan explained to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday as to why his plan would in turn, save it. Evidently, the DCCC doesn’t watch Fox News Sunday.

I’m assuming “women” are included over the abortion issue but it’s curious to me they can make these claims without providing any examples. The remainder of each email was a simple sales tactic requesting donations before a big midnight deadline.

The most dangerous assertion however, in my opinion, is the incessant effort to divide the classes. The Obama administration is directly responsible for creating this environment. Three years ago, the term “class warfare” was almost non-existent. Obama has spoken out against capitalism and the need for the wealthy to pay “their fair share” ad nauseum.

In a speech this past December Obama claimed that capitalism, liberty and trickle-down economics do not work. He makes the push for bigger government and more taxes in order to level the classes. Unbeknownst to our President, an increase in government spending will never lead to an increase of spending in the private sector.

Our country will continue to deteriorate and the poor will become more poor because they can’t earn money in this environment. On that aspect, Carville was correct. It is “the economy, stupid”.

Obama denies he is fanning the flames of divisiveness and vows to “push back hard” against “class warfare” claims. If what he says is true, how does he justify propaganda like this that is blatantly creating an abyss in American society?

Please take note; this is a glimpse into the upcoming Presidential election. Obama cannot afford to run on his record, so he must portray the Republican candidate, whomever that may be, as being an out-of -touch elitist who is unconcerned with the plight of the middle class and will only fight for the 1%.

The Democrats provide random generalizations without facts to back their claims and have become fear-mongers painting a picture of conservatives as wanting dirty air, dirty water, no rights for women, throwing Grandma off a cliff and attempting to only protect the wealthy for purely selfish reasons.

This is what is being said about you.

And we wonder why we stand in a house divided.