Big Labor Plans Super Bowl Chaos

On Wednesday, after Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels signed into the Right To Work law, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow squirmed in her chair with excitement as she showed the Super Bowl Village being invaded by Big Labor activists. [see update at bottom of post]

[youtube 0BiaJYU8feY]

Rather than seeing the Super Bowl as a big event for Indiana, Maddow’s guest, Indiana State Rep. Scott Pelath, sees it as a “national platform” for Big Labor “education” through disruption.

Indiana AFL-CIO union boss Nancy Guyott pulls no punches describing the chaos she intends to create; she has declared war on Super Bowl spectators. From Sterling Wong at

“They think they won a war because you fought this little skirmish like it was a war,” said Indiana AFL-CIO President Nancy Guyott. “I know the Indiana labor movement and our opponents haven’t seen nothing yet.”

So Super Bowl fans, the storming of Super Bowl Village on Wednesday was just a warm up for Big Labor’s Sunday fracas. Rather than working to make their current union members want to remain union members, Big Labor thugs would rather use their forced-dues-filled coffers to create chaos at the Super Bowl and in the streets of Indiana. Their goal is to disappoint millions of Americans and bring back legislation that compels people to pay to unions.

These Super Bowl shenanigans may become a game changer. Big Labor intimidation tactics may finally be seen for what they are: an attempt bully the nation. Maybe politicians like Pelath and commentators like Maddow will begin to feel the heat for embracing Big Labor’s thuggish tactics.

And, congratulations Indiana for giving Right To Work freedom Hoosiers so they can choose to join and pay for these thugs, or keep their own wages from them.

*** Just In *** Washington Post reports unions have backed down and will not disrupt the Super Bowl. “The president of Indiana AFL-CIO is promising union members will not disrupt the Super Bowl festivities in Indianapolis”