Obama's #Occupy Movement Will Win the Election…for the GOP

For everyone out there supporting the #Occupy Movement, who calls themselves part of “the 99%”, identifies with their alleged struggle, and supports their strategies and tactics, you may want to think twice.   History has taught that when the Left uncorks the radical movement, change comes swiftly…to the Right.

If one hops into the Way-Back Machine and plops down in late 18th century France, one is apt to re-discover that fixture of high school European history known as The French Revolution.  Few would argue that French monarchy was a system worth endorsing.  But how quickly we forget what replaced it – a radical left-wing action that resulted in a secular Democratic republic that was a wee bit authoritarian.  Actually, if memory serves, there was this thing called The Committee of Public Safety – a virtual dictatorship run by crazy Robespierre that resulted in the Reign of Terror.

There’s a great quote from Robespierre to justify the use of violent repression, “Terror is nothing else than justice, prompt, severe, inflexible”.   Hmmmm.  Terror = Justice.  Now just slip the word “Social” in there before “Justice” and you can see where I’m headed.  But just so I can complete this parallel, Robespierre arranged to have even his allies executed so he could run the show himself, with his power assisted throughout the countryside by the Jacobin Club aka Popular Societies aka ACORN.

While the MSM spins about the “non-violentnon-Anti-Semitic non-racist #Occupy Movement”, your intrepid journalists here at The Bigs have uncovered tons of evidence that demonstrate just the opposite. Indeed, plans are in the works to….what’s the word?….terrorize the opponents of the People’s Revolution aka Obama’s #Occupy Movement. The result of all this violence was The Thermidorian Reaction – a swing back to the Right following the revolution.   I repeat, to the Right.

Let’s jump forward into modern day: 1968.  The country was being torn apart by protests.  Lyndon Johnson decided not to seek another term.  A power vacuum was created in the Democratic Party, and once again the Left ate its own at the Democratic National Convention.  Richard Nixon ran on a platform of restoring order.  He won.  Thermidorian Reaction.

The Reign of Terror, it is noted, actually executed far more workers and peasants – about 70% of those murdered by most accounts.  As we’ve seen, the Leftist-driven revolutions often go down in self-consuming flames, and are even being egged-on to their doom by their organizers.

Flashforward to present day.  Here’s the thing about Americans: most of us just want to be left alone to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We want a job, a family, friends, neighbors, entertainment, a vacation if we can afford it, to save a little for retirement, and to enjoy ourselves.  Most Americans reject extremism on either side of the political spectrum.  Most Americans are much, much smarter than they are ever given credit for, have a very strong sense of right and wrong, know when the country truly is headed in the right direction or the wrong direction, know excess when they see it, and are fair-minded.

In other words, Americans get it.

And one thing they cannot, and will not, abide – the thing that trumps all else — is social unrest.  But rather than blame it on the intended target, they will look at the protestors and they will know that they are of the same ideology and party as the one in the White House.

They will shake their heads.  “You idiots.  You guys are the ones in power and you’re complaining?”

And they will blame it on the guy in charge – Barack Obama.

Whomever the GOP candidate will be just needs to point this out, and the 21st Century Thermidorian Reaction will sweep him into power, probably by a larger margin than anyone currently expects.