A Post-Obama Vision in 100 Words

Dana Milbank is wrong: the GOP does not have an “anger management” problem. It has a vision problem. It needs to imagine, and believe in, the post-Obama future.

What Republicans want to do can be summarized in just five points, or 100 words:


Restore fiscal strength by balancing the federal budget, eliminating unnecessary federal departments, reducing the national debt and reforming entitlements.

Grow the economy by simplifying the tax code, removing harmful regulations, developing fossil fuels, and expanding free trade.

Protect our republic by respecting the constitutional limits of government, enforcing the border, celebrating individual freedom, and defending the sanctity of life.

Maintain national security by reversing military decline, standing with our allies, and confronting new threats while respecting the limits of intervention.


All that Republicans lack–as of today–is a nominee to carry that vision forward.