CPAC Protesters Once Again Prove How Overplayed 'Racism!' Charges Have Become

The union led “Occupy” assault on CPAC sported a the phalanx of paid Astroturf black, Hispanic and Latino bodies in order to deliberately paint a false picture of diversity, while accusing conservative attendees of CPAC of racism. These tired and overplayed accusations of racism are not based on reports of racism coming from inside CPAC or other conservative groups but are just part of Stuff Liberals Say reflexively.

At CPAC last Friday, I noticed that the protestors were chanting about CPAC ‘racism’ so I shot a little video of their chant then headed back up the hill towards the hotel. On my walk, I saw a small group of students – all CPAC attendees — watching the protest from a good distance away.  One of the students CPAC attendees happened to be black, so I asked him if I could videotape him about his experience with racism at CPAC. He agreed and as the video below shows, he had no experience of racism at CPAC. None.

In the comment section at YouTube, a commentor suggests that one person is not a fair sample. Fair enough, if we were trying to form a statistical average however two things must be pointed out here in response. First, the protesters didn’t ask even a single black person about their experience of racism but that didn’t keep them from chanting anyway. Their accusation is based on literally not one scintilla of evidence. Second, there’s not a single black conservative that I’ve spoken with that said they have experienced racism either at the Tea Party or CPAC.

It’s clear that the Democrats establishment and the Obama ministration and to make race issues a central theme of their campaign. It’s incumbent on people to challenge these assumptions at every turn by asking simple factual questions. When they chant, ask for proof..then watch them wither.