Caught on Camera: Is Wisc. Police Chief Conspiring with Anti-Walker Protesters?

Did Wisconsin’s Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs cut a secret  access deal with one of Madison’s most infamous protesters? That’s the question being asked after one of our reporters caught an interesting conversation at the Wisconsin Capitol.

[youtube NLJm7zgWqnU]

[Madison, Wisc…] Big Labor supporters are marking the one-year anniversary of the 2011 occupation of the Wisconsin State Capitol with a series of events this week. On Tuesday, the union for UW teaching assistants held a parade and Capitol rally.

While the rally was in violation of the policy governing access to state facilities, it appears protesters may have established an understanding with Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs. As he was speaking to veteran protester Miles Kristan about their understanding, the chief asked our reporter to leave.

“You told me you were going to help me with this,” Tubbs is overheard saying to Kristan before the camera stopped rolling.

According to state policy, permits are required for any event occurring in any area inside or outside of a State building, unless the event is a bona fide spontaneous event….Kristan has become a fixture at the Capitol since the Wisconsin legislature passed public employee bargaining reforms last year. He harassed and chased a MacIver Institute intern while wearing a pink dress last summer, and this past fall he was cited for tossing and emptying a beer over the heads of several GOP lawmakers. Kristan has often boasted about his exploits online. READ THE ENTIRE ACCOUNT>>

This still shot from our video is priceless. Think they liked having their conversation revealed to the world?