Cenk Uygur Owes Andrew Breitbart An Apology For His Smarmy Sherrod Smear

An interesting moment came at the end of Andrew Breitbart’s recent appearance on The Young Turks; host Cenk Uygur smeared Andrew Breitbart for telling the truth about Charles Sherrod, the husband of Shirley Sherrod.

Uygur, who had “selectively edited” Breitbart’s own words earlier in the interview, tried to press Breitbart about why he had not apologized to Shirley Sherrod for the controversy over her speech about race and politics to the NAACP last year.

Breitbart noted the attacks that she made against him, as well as her husband’s statements about removing white politicians and ‘Uncle Toms’ from office.

Uygur, who evidently hadn’t done a whit of independent research, tried to respond by calling Breitbart’s trustworthiness into question:

Breitbart: Her husband said we need to get rid of the white people and the–

Uygur: (interrupts) When did he say this? When?

Breitbart: A couple of years ago. We need to get rid of the white people–

Uygur: (interrupts)  You’re doing it again, Andrew…

Breitbart: –and the Uncle Toms that get them elected.

Uygur: You’re doing it again. And without seeing the whole context–

Breitbart: It’s all true.

Uygur: –it’s why we don’t trust you, Andrew.

Well, Cenk, here’s Charles Sherrod talking about getting rid of white politicians and Uncle Toms from office. As Andrew said, it’s all true.

[youtube G2SGP79enYk]

Finally, we must stop the white man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections. ­We must not be afraid to vote black. And we must not be afraid to turn a black out who votes against our interests.

And here’s a twenty-six minute clip of the speech, because we’re sure if Uygur runs the clip on his show he will play the entire 26 minutes, unedited and in its entirety. (No excerpting, Cenk!) The speech was posted in 2010, by the way–a couple of years ago, just as Breitbart said on Uygur’s program.

[youtube m22eXuYNbkY]

Apparently, Charles Sherrod defines “stealing our elections” as people voting in a way he doesn’t like. Sherrod makes no claim of fraud or election tampering; he just wants people to “vote black”–as long as the black candidate goes along with the political agenda of Charles Sherrod.

Had a white man said “We must not be afraid to vote white or to turn out any white man who votes against the white man’s interests,” he would–properly–be labeled as a racist.

You’re doing it again, Cenk. Andrew Breitbart correctly and provably points out outrageous, racially charged statements by Charles Sherrod. You ask Breitbart when the statements were made and he correctly states a couple of years ago. And then, Cenk, you go on to smear Breitbart anyway.

See, Cenk – this is why we don’t trust you.