Jobs for Ohio Tour: An Invitation to GOP Presidential Candidates

As someone who has spent the last few months driving across Northern Ohio, one thing is absolutely clear: Americans need jobs and they need them now. My district is filled with abandoned factories and boarded up storefronts, businesses that once kept food on the table for thousands of Ohioans. In fact, according to the most recent Census, Ohio has lost over 250,000 people over the past ten years, and most of them left from the 9th District. As I often say on the campaign trail, these folks aren’t leaving to drink Coronas on the beach; they are leaving because Marcy Kaptur and Dennis Kucinich’s job killing agenda has driven businesses out of our state!

Something must be done, and that is why I am happy to announce the Joe the Plumber “Jobs for Ohio” Tour! The Tour will feature former Presidential candidate Herman Cain, a man who has spent his life creating jobs in the private sector and whose ambitious 9-9-9 tax plan would do wonders for encouraging businesses to come back to the United States. I will also be speaking about my campaign to bring working class conservative values to Washington DC by becoming the Congressman who represents the interests of all Americans, instead of just the politically-connected elites.

I am also calling upon all the current Republican Presidential candidates to step up and join us on this tour.

The Ohio Presidential Primary is right around the corner, and I want the folks in my district to hear from all the Presidential Candidates about how they plan to bring jobs back to our area.

The Tour will be held on February 24th, beginning in Rocky River, Ohio. We will also make stops in Toledo and Oak Harbor throughout the day. More information about the day’s events can be found on my website! Stay tuned for updates about specials guests who may join the Tour.

It is time that we unite as Americans around the principles of individual responsibility, free enterprise, and small government. These are the principles that make America exceptional, and by returning to them, we can guarantee the opportunity for a free and prosperous life for every American. I hope you will join me on this tour and support our campaign, because together we can show the Washington insiders that regular, working class Americans are the leaders and problem solvers who can make America great again.