Want to Win Hispanics? Promise to Crush Public Employee Unions

Awesome new stats coming out of LA Times, and Derek Thompson at The Atlantic does a fabulous cut and paste job:

While they make up only 15% of the country’s workforce, Latinos have racked up half the employment gains posted since the economy began adding jobs in early 2010, Labor Department data showed.


As a group, Hispanics have low employment in local, state, and federal governments, which lost about 300,000 jobs in 2011, the vast majority of net job losses last year. The upshot is that Hispanics are growing as a population faster than other groups; more likely to work in states with growing jobs, such as Texas; more likely to seek out low-wage positions in health care and hospitality that are fast-growing industries; and less likely to be sitting in the way of the austerity bulldozer that took down total government in 2011.

The one thing George Bush truly did wrong as our first MBA President was allow public unions to mutate into Andre the Giant.

This year at the Federal, State, and Local levels we are overpaying public employees almost $500BILLION dollars.

And by overpaying, I mean, if we kept them at their compensation levels from 1998 and grew them only based on inflation and productivity gains, they’d be earning nearly $1.2TRILLION; instead, in 2012 they are making close to $1.7TRILLION.

If you count the outsize growth since 1998 till 2012 and include interest, we’re talking about more than $7TRILLION wasted, and that is nearly half the Federal Deficit.

The Federal Deficit is not Hispanics’ fault.

The blame on the Federal Deficit is exclusively public employee unions.

Without State and Local budgets being busted by non-productive public employees, the endless “strings attached” transfer payments from DC to the States could dry up; and Local and State taxes could cover health, infrastructure, and education… allowing the states to control their own destinies.

Please put on your white political strategist hat, admit that if the GOP can move Hispanics we will win 2012,  and then look at this chart:

The next Republican President of the United States needs to guarantee Hispanics that he will repeat this for the next 8 years.  Hispanics look at this chart and KNOW they claimed 50% of newly created jobs.  Let us promise them this is our ONLY plan.

Now put on your black political strategist hat….

During 2012: We should also stop talking about remaking the safety net. We should stop talking about cutting back entitlements.  We should stop talking about illegal immigration.

We can do those things later.

But from 2012-2016, our exclusive goal should be to end public employee unions as we know them.  We should do whatever it takes to win this election cycle, and then gut them as a political force.  To make sure progressives lose the future, we have to starve Andre the Giant.

Still aren’t convinced?  Check out political donations 1989-2009:

Never fight a multi-front war.  And for the love of kee-ryst, do not pay the salaries of  your enemies.

Conservatives need stop arguing about everything else, and go Scott Walker batsh*t crazy to change the political math once and for all.

We are funding our own opposition. As long as we overpay public employees, we are wasting our time arguing about anything else.

Think about this: If President Bush had simply ended the public employee unions, Obama would not be President.

Whatever your particular bugaboo–whether you want a stronger military or less military,  a higher retirement age, lower taxes…. you all have to admit, once public employee dues no longer dwarf the elephant wallet, we can more easily achieve your precious.

Right now, however, we have a Ross Perot style chart to show Hispanic voters:  Their recent job gains have occurred because America is finally cutting public employees.

According to a 2010 OPM report, Hispanics made up just 8 percent of the permanent federal workforce in 2009, compared to 13.9 percent in the private sector; nearly a 6-point gap.

And if the Democrats win 2012, Hispanics won’t be getting new public service jobs; no sir, the veteran pear-shaped public employees will just be getting raises.