Occupy and Foreign Terror: The American Left's Glorification of Greek Tragedy

Occupy and Foreign Terror: The American Left's Glorification of Greek Tragedy

As many Americans watch in disbelief as Greek society deteriorates into anarchistic and Union-led riots, death, and chaos, those of us with experience in monitoring far Left extremism know what’s coming. In a past piece of mine from 2010, The Extreme Left: A Ticking Time Bomb, I laid out the American far Left’s support and emulation of their radical counterparts in Greece.

At the time, Greek anarchists had recently thrown a Molotov cocktail into a bank and murdered 3 people, including a pregnant bank worker. Unfortunately, the American far Left had begun to produce chatter on emulating the “real” and “hardcore” anarchists of Greece.

As internal Occupy emails released on Biggovernment revealed, as the Lisa Fithians of the American far Left decided to organize various radical elements into one amorphous entity known as Occupy, other far Left and anti-American groups from around the world did the same. The global “Peace and Justice” movement decided to become “Occupy.”

Once again, Greece and their national debt crisis have devolved into anarchist Occupiers and communist Occupiers (what Greeks call Unions) rioting in the streets and employing fire bombs. Greece, like the United States, faces a lack of funds for their entitlements and public-worker employment packages. Unlike us, the Greeks have unions with unchecked power and a lack of a strong Tea Party-like movement to support officials who work towards stopping our nation from devolving into an utterly broke and destitute nation.

The Left in Greece, like spoiled teens who insist on vandalizing their unemployed daddy’s car if he refuses to pay for their new iPad, provide us with an eerie omen of the future we face if our Occupy/Left and their demands are fulfilled and unchallenged.