Holder's DOJ Implements Critical Race Theory In Texas

Holder's DOJ Implements Critical Race Theory In Texas

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has issued an objection to Texas’ voter ID requirement. As the Associated Press writes:

The Justice Department conveyed its objection in a letter to Texas officials that was also filed in the U.S. District Court case in Washington between Texas and the department. Justice said Hispanic voters in Texas are at least 50 percent more likely and possibly more than twice as likely as non-Hispanic voters to lack a driver’s license or a personal state-issued photo ID, which the Texas law requires.

Meanwhile, across the country, James O’Keefe III has released video showing just how easy it is to participate in voter fraud in Vermont, since no photo ID is required. He is even offered ballots by polling officials after giving them the name of dead folks.

So why is the Holder DOJ so intent on stopping Texas’ voter ID requirement? Because the Holder DOJ is dominated by a soft variant of the philosophy of critical race theory. The DOJ contention goes something like this: a law must be racist if it has varying impact on different classes of people. It must be designed to uphold the white supremacist hierarchy. Thus, even a law of neutral applicability – meaning a law that applies equally to everyone, like showing your ID to vote – becomes a racist measure. The system itself is corrupted, even though the law is clearly not racist on its face.

That’s the basis of the DOJ’s letter. And that’s why the DOJ seems so unconcerned with voter fraud, while cracking down on voter ID: only laws that make special provision for different groups (in this case, Hispanics) should be implemented. If the door is opened to voter fraud, so be it; at least we’ll sleep better at night knowing that Hispanics without IDs aren’t disadvantaged by the law.

It’s sheer nonsense. Worse, it moots legitimate votes across the country. But if you consider the entire system corrupt and racist to begin, it’s not a huge departure to move against laws that prevent corruption so as to avoid the shadowy “systemic racism” that supposedly pervades all American law.