'Justice for Trayvon'?: Obama, Left Poison Zimmerman Jury Pool

'Justice for Trayvon'?: Obama, Left Poison Zimmerman Jury Pool
Ask yourself the obvious: if President Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton–and Rick Santorum, for that matter–really cared about justice for Trayvon Martin, why are they poisoning the jury pool and making it impossible for his alleged killer to be brought to justice?
There is little hope, given the President’s emotive declaration that Martin looks like the son he never had, the crowds whipped to a frenzy by Sharpton, or the guilty murder verdict delivered in advance by Santorum, that George Zimmerman can ever receive a fair trial.
Obama is a lawyer and a law “professor,” his supporters never tired of reminding us in 2008. He devoted himself, or so he claimed, to the practice of civil rights law; as a state senator, he worked to protect the rights of criminal defendants. So what is he doing?
Again, the answer is obvious. The Trayvon Martin case–which attracted nary a whisper for weeks after Martin was killed on February 26–has become a way for Obama, the left, and the media to mobilize minority voters and the progressive base. Justice is not a priority.
In the same way, the same culprits exploited the Sandra Fluke controversy to declare that Republicans were waging a “war on women” and to distract from the fact that the Obama administration had torn up the First Amendment’s protection of religious liberty.
The Democrats’ strategy is to convince as many Americans as possible that they are victims of persecution by conservatives and that the only path to salvation begins with re-electing President Obama in November. It is crude, cynical, and, thus far, ineffective. 
Actually, it is worse than ineffective–it is harmful. The incitement of MSNBC and its ilk–demanding that Zimmerman be arrested for his own safety, for instance–undermines the rule of law in general and stands in the way of justice for Martin in particular.
Ask yourself why Obama spoke out now, in 2012, and in swing-state Florida, after doing nothing to stop a spate of murders–mostly of black children–near his Chicago home in 2009. Ask why Zimmerman was first identified by the media as a “white Hispanic.”
Ask why Obama is worried about black turnout in 2012. Ask how many months are left until November, and you have your answers.