High School Allows 'Black Power' Poster, Kills 'Respect Women' Flyers

High School Allows 'Black Power' Poster, Kills 'Respect Women' Flyers

The Gross Pointe North High School in Michigan certainly has a bizarre notion of what constitutes appropriate school language. According to Young Americans for Freedom, student Grant Strobl created a series of posters regarding the liberal media’s attack on conservative women. The slogan of the posters: “Respect Women!” The posters themselves featured conservative women attacked by the left, including Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Sarah Palin, and S.E. Cupp — and they even featured Sandra Fluke, and talked about how certain rhetoric was inappropriate. Here they are:

Oddly enough, the posters were not allowed on the walls of the school by the administration. Here’s one of the posters that was allowed:

As Strobl writes:

March, as many of us know, is Women’s History month, and my school, Grosse Pointe North High School, has not done anything to honor the month. So, I decided to create a series of posters with a message of respecting all women regardless of their beliefs particularly highlighting conservative women. I showcased Vinciane Ngomsi who was spat on by the husband of one of her professors for her conservative activism, Sarah Palin who was challenged by the media as to whether her special needs child was hers, Laura Ingraham who was called a “Sl**”, among others. I pointed out the obvious injustices done against women by the media. Like my many other projects, this one was challenged by the administration at my school.

My posters were not allowed to be hung on the walls yet the words,”Black Power” next to Martin Luther King’s image did end up on the walls and wasn’t challenged. This is not only an injustice to women but to MLK as well.

Apparently, it’s too controversial for school to talk about nasty rhetoric about women, but it’s just fine to link Martin Luther King, Jr. with “black power,” a slogan popularized by Black Panther Honorary Prime Minister Stokely Carmichael. No wonder our public schools are churning out liberals at records rates.