TSA Supervisor Arrested For Running Prostitution Ring

TSA Supervisor Arrested For Running Prostitution Ring

This is a tale of groping gone wrong. A TSA manager who oversaw morningoperations at Dulles airport has been fired for allegedly running aprostitution operation at a nearby hotel:

Bryant Jermaine Livingston, 39, was arrested while on the job asa supervisor of TSA agents at Dulles International Airport … According tocharging documents, on February 15th, Livingston used cash to rent a room atthe Crowne Plaza Hotel on Georgia Ave. in Silver Spring, Md.

Livingston was allegedly putting his TSA crowd control skills to work at thehotel:

The hotel manager recognized Livingston as a previous customerwho, on earlier occasions had “groups of males and females frequentlyentering and exiting Livingston’s room,” according to a courtdocument.

Police were called and found 11 people in the room including “three nakedfemales and four males attempting to get dressed.” Their shoes, watches andother objects had been placed in plastic bins … okay, I made that part up.There were no bins, just naked and semi-naked people feeling awkward assecurity looked them over, i.e. a normal airport experience.Later, one of the men from the room admitted he had paid Livingston $100 “toengage in sexual activities.” Then at some point, police learned that TSAhad a similar report on Livingston from 2009:

The complaint alleged that Livingston was operating aprostitution ring and charging individuals $25 for sexual acts.

So he was accused of charging $25 for “baggage” handling three years ago.What did the TSA do about it?

The TSA spokesman had no immediate explanation as to what, ifanything, the agency did about the earlier complaint.

Apparently, the TSA doesn’t have a problem with a bit of off-the-clockgroping. It’s only when you get arrested and make the papers that they drawthe line.