LAPD Says No To Hoodies

LAPD Says No To Hoodies

The North Hollywood Division of the LAPD began a campaign in October called “Hats Off,” attempting to prevent store owners in North Hollywood and Studio City from being victimized by criminals. As the Los Angeles Times reports:

Under the program, customers of stores in the two San Fernando Valley communities — which were hit by a string of robberies last year — are asked to take off their hats and pull their sweatshirt hoods off their heads before entering …

LAPD Lt. Alan Hamilton says it is an age-old strategy to ensure owners know who is entering their place of business …. Participation among store owners has been good, he said. The crimes have declined significantly since the campaign began in the fall. 

There’s nothing wrong with hoodies, Hamilton says – just don’t wear them up inside stores and banks, since “it is not raining in the bank.” The city of Oxnard has a similar policy. For centuries, law enforcement has known that committing crimes becomes easier when you are allowed to conceal your face; the LAPD is merely carrying that logic out with regard to hoodies.