Obama's Counting on the Voters Being Stupid

Obama's Counting on the Voters Being Stupid

I‘ve had enough and so should all of us.


Addressing a crowd at a community college in the Maryland suburbs of D.C., Barack Obama’s latest attack on his GOP challengers was to deride and mock them for their positions on energy policy and their criticism of government alternative-energy “investments”.


Here’s a quote: “If some of these folks were around when Columbus set sail, they must have been founding members of the ‘flat earth society.’ They would not have believed that the world was round.”


Okay, it’s kind of a joke and got laughs from the pro-Obama gathering, and both sides use hyperbole to curry favor from a crowd – I get that. And we could sit here and pick apart how inaccurate he was when mocking various historical figures, but Barack Obama traffics in so many myths, it’s become almost a waste of time going through all of them.


Yet he continued to ridicule those who dared to challenge his failed record on gas prices, unemployment, and economic growth – so the following absurdity is worth pointing out:


“There have always been folks who are the naysayers and don’t believe in the future and don’t believe in trying to do things differently.”


Wait – what? We don’t believe in trying things differently? Hmmm, let’s review:


Barack Obama is a Harvard-educated Constitutional lawyer, yet his signature piece of legislation, ObamaCare, is unconstitutional.  


Must be that whole “trying things differently” thing.


Here’s a guy who’s new budget was defeated in The House Of Representatives by a vote of 414-to-ZERO!


I know his budgets have more zeroes than the Japanese Air Force in World War II, but he couldn’t get a SINGLE VOTE from any Democrat?  Trying things differently, I guess.  


The President now repeatedly demonizes one of the greatest jobs-creating and tax revenue-producing sectors we have – the oil industry – and wants to spend more on “green” energy.


 When he starts using a teleprompter that runs on algae, then I’ll get on board.


The fact is, ExxonMobil has put billions into the exploration and development of alternative fuels – including algae!


So it’s not like we don’t believe in the future or trying to do things differently – we just don’t think a giant taxpayer slush fund should be created to waste trillions doing it.


So to divert attention away from gas prices doubling on his watch, he goes out and makes jokes about conservatives being members of the “Flat Earth Society”?


If Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were around during the time of the Industrial Revolution – there wouldn’t have been one!


This is a man who thinks unemployment checks create jobs, we need to spend more to get out of debt, and that government providing free health care will make costs go down.  


I don’t remember Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, the Wright Brothers, or Thomas Edison inventing their products on the taxpayer dime.


Barack Obama has no serious plans, no reasonable ideas, and now, a bad record to run on; so instead he relies on ad hominem attacks, class warfare, snide remarks, childish name-calling and contempt for the average American.  


He’s stupid, or he’s hoping that the majority of voters are come this November.  There, I said it. Rinse and repeat.


PS: Here’s something fun: Give the gas station attendant a hundred bucks, and say you want to fill up your tank. Magically, Barack Obama’s “Hope and Change” message transforms into, “you hope you get back some change.”


PPS: Bring it, baby.