Van Jones: GOP 'Quasi-Treasonous' For Opposing Solyndra Loans

Van Jones: GOP 'Quasi-Treasonous' For Opposing Solyndra Loans

Van Jones, the Obama administration’s disgraced former “Green Czar,” appeared on Bill Maher’s little-known HBO show to explain what happened with Solyndra, the green energy company that went bankrupt after absorbing hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. He said that it was “almost criminal” for Republicans to question the Obama loans to Solyndra. Then he went further:

Republicans tried to make the word Solyndra this kind of horrible world and like ‘Oh my God’ … it’s still fine for them to do this war on American technology ….

This is quasi-treasonous from my point of view. How can you let American industry be wiped out?

He got his usual round of applause from the cheering parrots who inhabit the seats at Maher’s show, but the facts are simple: Solyndra was a massive waste of taxpayer money. Americans have a right to be angry about it. And they are.