Obama's 'Jewbag' Liaison to the Jewish Community

Obama's 'Jewbag' Liaison to the Jewish Community

The Democratic Party, which comfortably assumes that it has the Jewish vote in their pocket, doesn’t think much of Jews. The latest incident pulling the veil off their contempt? Facebook photos of the Democratic National Committee’s Jewish outreach liason, Dani Gilbert, showing her kissing cash while the caption underneath says “JEWBAGS.” A comment on the side calls Gilbert and her pals, “The Jew cash money team.” Other photos show Gilbert partying with a bunch of condoms. Gilbert has been a staffer under Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who, when President Obama suggested Israel should retreat to its pre-1967 borders, demanded that Jewish Republicans “pledge to refrain” from using that against Obama in 2012.

And this contempt starts at the top. Obama himself has shown his contempt for Jews in various ways: the pre-1967 borders suggestion, which reduces Israel to being 9 miles wide; his request for Prime Minister Netanyahu not to attack Iran until after the election, which leaves Israel open to devastating nuclear attack down the line; his disrespect for Netanyahu from the beginning, propping his feet up on the desk as Netanyahu entered his office (compare that to his bow in Saudi Arabia); his “celebration” of the first night of Chanukah two weeks early (imagine him doing that to Ramadan); his comparing the Arab Spring, largely instigated by Islamists committed to destroying Israel, to the Passover escape from Egypt by Jews thousands of years ago.

Obama got 78% of the Jewish vote in 2008. A new Reuters poll shows that Obama has the support of 62% of the American Jewish community.

At the AIPAC conference in 2011, Obama decried Jews who vehemently disagreed with his pre-1967 borders declaration, saying, “If there’s a controversy, then, it’s not based in substance.” The underlying message: you are beneath me; you don’t understand what I think. With these new photos of the Democratic Party Jewish liaison, American Jews should understand in full Technicolor just what his administration thinks of Jews.