War On Children: Liberals Attack Scott Walker's Kids

War On Children: Liberals Attack Scott Walker's Kids

The left seems to have a really hard time leaving the kids of Republicanpoliticians out of their fits of rage. Yesterday, Governor Scott Walker gavean interview to David Brody of CBNNews in which he talked about the anger directed at his teenage sons andalso his elderly parents:

I had thousands of people bussed in front of my home inWauwatosa where I’ve got two high school sons living, and I’ve got parentsin [their] 70s. At one point last year, my 16 year old and my mother in her70s were at a grocery store and got yelled at. I’ve had my kids targeted onFacebook; we’ve had all those sorts of things.

If people want to get together to protest and even yell at the governor, that’s acceptable — but turning that anger on a 16 year old is disgusting. We saw this repeatedly with Gov. Palin a few years ago.Her son Trig and daughters Willow and Bristol were made the butt of jokesboth online and on television. 

The President’s daughters are off limits for commentary. That’s as it shouldbe. The same should be true for the sons and daughters of Republicanpoliticians. Leftist bullies need to dial back the rage and lay off thekids.