DNC Defends 'Jewbag' Jewish Liaison Because Her Parents Give Obama Cash

DNC Defends 'Jewbag' Jewish Liaison Because Her Parents Give Obama Cash

The Democratic National Committee and President Obama don’t care about what their liaison to the Jewish community does to smear Jews.  Their attitude is simple enough: Show me the money

Dani Gilbert, who was hired by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, posted a picture of herself kissing a wad of cash, and labeled the photo “Jewbag” on her Facebook page. As it turns out, Gilbert attended the anti-Israel J Street conference and re-tweeted a call from J Street to freeze settlements in Israel. She even volunteered for Givat Haviva, a far-left group that helps out Muslim terrorists, as Daniel Greenfield points out. When Jews reacted with anger and disgust, DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse defended her while he simultaneously attacked conservatives:

[Dani] has excelled in her role handling Jewish issues for the Chair in her Congressional office and was brought on here part time to do outreach to the Jewish Community.  Like many in the age of social media, she had things posted on her Facebook page that she now regrets and which she has apologized for. Her employment both in the Chair’s Congressional office and at the DNC is a testament to her knowledge and professionalism and nothing more – and no smear driven by the right wing noise machine is going to impact her status as a trusted member of this team.

It’s good to know that it’s only her “knowledge and professionalism” that keep Gilbert on the team.  It couldn’t be that her parents are two major Florida donors who have raised more than $500,000 for the Obama campaign, could it?

Or the fact that Gilbert’s parents hosted a $400,000 fundraiser for Obama?

Obama has never worried about alienating Jews. After all, he sat in Reverend Wright’s pew for years, suggested that Israel retreat to its suicidal pre-1967 borders, had his administration leak information repeatedly sinking an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities and met with the Muslim Brotherhood.

And the DNC’s shameful defense of a Jew who mocks Jews is only further evidence of that.