Occupy San Francisco Takes Over Archdiocese Building

Occupy San Francisco Takes Over Archdiocese Building

Members of Occupy San Francisco took over a building owned by theArchdiocese of San Francisco on Sunday. The usual chaos ensued:

Despite their official police escort, demonstrators gainedaccess to the building, put up banners and scrawled anti-corporate andanti-police slogans on walls. They dubbed it the San FranciscoCommune…

Police saw the occupiers entering the building but could not stop or arrestthem at the time because they needed to verify that the intrusion waswithout the permission of the building’s owners.

[Police Sgt. Mike] Andraychak said thousands of dollars indamage was done to the archdiocese building, and a cost of the police raidhas not been determined. According to the Sheriff’s Department, 74 of the 75arrested demonstrators were charged with misdemeanor trespassing andreleased following the raid.

More arrests. More damage to other people’s property (which the occupierswon’t pay to repair). Expect to see a lot more of this as Occupy Spring revsup. Here’s a video produced by the Occupiers during their one day in the