Exclusive – O'Keefe Responds to DC Investigation: 'Shooting the Messenger'

Exclusive – O'Keefe Responds to DC Investigation: 'Shooting the Messenger'

The Associated Press (via the New York Times) reported yesterday that the District of Columbia Board of Elections has responded to James O’Keefe’s exposé of the potential for voter fraud by investigating O’Keefe rather than DC’s flawed voting system.

O’Keefe’s Project Veritas embarrassed U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder by showing that poll workers would willingly hand Holder’s own primary election ballot to a complete stranger without any form of identification. He conducted the video sting on primary day, April 3, and released the Holder video on April 9.

Local news outlets also reported the exposé and the subsequent investigation, but erred in reporting that O’Keefe and associates had impersonated the Attorney General. In fact, the young man who stated Holder’s address looked nothing like him.

“[He] simply asked the question ‘Do you have an Eric Holder?'” O’Keefe said in an exclusive statement to Breitbart.com. 

“The voting procedures within our nation’s capital then allowed for a ballot to be offered without verification. The automatic response of the D.C. Board of Elections is to shoot the messenger rather than addressing the issues of integrity within their own election process.”

O’Keefe and Project Veritas have carried out similar stings in other states, prompting legislatures to pass voter ID laws that protect all citizens from effective disenfranchisement.