Elizabeth Smart to Be Thrown Under Bus by Feminists

Elizabeth Smart to Be Thrown Under Bus by Feminists

Elizabeth Smart’s moral authority card is about to expire.

Smart, who endured a nightmarish nine-month kidnapping nearly a decade ago, has emerged as a poised young woman who relishes sharing her wisdom with others through a series of public speaking events.

Her latest engagement will put her at odds with the professional Left, and whatever goodwill they held out for her will likely vanish. Smart is scheduled to appear with N.J. Gov. Chris Christie as a featured speaker at next week’s New Jersey Right to Life’s annual banquet.

Smart, a Mormon, contends she isn’t sidling up to the anti-abortion movement.

Because I speak to a certain group, it doesn’t mean I endorse or support their agenda or positions, nor am I amenable to tailoring my remarks as such,” said Smart in a statement through her spokesman, Chris Thomas, noting that she has spoken to numerous groups representing various interests and different religions.

That elegantly worded statement likely won’t be enough to satisfy those in the abortion movement. They will be repelled by the thought of her addressing pro-lifers, as well as her sharing the stage with a potential GOP vice presidential candidate. Her Mormon faith could suddenly become an issue, although it would have been an afterthought had either Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich lapped Mitt Romney in the GOP presidential primaries.

Smart’s ability to not only survive a lengthy kidnapping but rebuild a life for herself makes her the kind of strong, independent woman feminists should applaud. Her willingness to share her story with those who stand against abortion may be more than most liberal women can handle.