Arson at Tiny, Abandoned Illinois Occupy Camp That Was Too Cold

Arson at Tiny, Abandoned Illinois Occupy Camp That Was Too Cold

A fire at an empty Occupy encampment at the Illinois State University, Normal campus has been determined to be arson. Nobody was injured in the blaze that happened early Sunday morning and no further details are currently available about how the fire started, other than the fact that it was intentional. 


In an interview with Breitbart News, the Normal Fire Department received two calls at 2:36 am by people who were passing by, and the NFD arrived approximately three minutes later. A single tent that was resting on shipping palettes was destroyed, and there was minor damage to the Milner Library Plaza canopy. The small Occupy encampment had been under that canopy. 

According to an interview with WMBD/WYZZ-TV, the camp itself was another example of the incredibly small presence that most Occupy camps have had despite the Occupy movement’s repeated claims that they speak for ‘the 99%’.

Jennifer Carrillo admitted the group had not been very active since it formed in the fall.The group suspected the fire as arson from the get go. Carrillo said the campsite had been vandalized several times before.No word on whether any members of the 1% are suspects.Anyone with information is encouraged to call McLean County Crime Stoppers at (309) 828-1111.