Sheriff who May Have Confessed to Sex with Underage Boys Jailed for Only 17 Days

Sheriff who May Have Confessed to Sex with Underage Boys Jailed for Only 17 Days

The story of a former Arapahoe County Sheriff, Pat Sullivan, starts off strange and goes downhill from there. After being caught in a drugs-for-sex sting, the retired sheriff seemingly confessed that he “may very well have” had sex with underage boys and used the “date rape” drug GHB to incapacitate a man with cognitive brain disorder.

Potentially worse, after he retired he went on to serve as security director at a local school district. He was arrested and interrogated by individuals he had hired and trained. During the now-released interview, they appear to be doing their job dispassionately. At the same time, it’s eerie hearing them praise him as they go.

“When was the last time you were with a child?” asks Himes.

“I can’t remember ever being with a child sexually,” says Sullivan.

But when Himes asks again, he gets a different response.

“So is it possible you engaged in a threesome with a 13 year old?”

“Yes,” responds Sullivan.”I apologize and plead guilty.”

“What was his name?” queries Himes.

“I have no idea.”

“Was he a runaway?” asks the investigator.

Police discovered guns and gay porn during a search of his home. In the end, authorities said they could not confirm his “pseudo admissions” while suggesting he was given a harsh sentence for only a drug offender; he was never charged with any sex crime at all. Now, it appears he has been released from jail after having served only 17 days of a 30-day sentence due to the jail’s policy for good behavior.

It’s difficult to fathom this story without wondering whether someone abused their official position in all this. Perhaps the investigation is not as over, as the news suggests.