Occupy Kids: 'Waaaaaaaaah!'; Property Destruction Stinks When it's Yours

Occupy Kids: 'Waaaaaaaaah!'; Property Destruction Stinks When it's Yours

This video clip is an epiphany waiting to happen. It shows two cops in an ATV running into a bicycle apparently owned by one of the Occupiers. The clip has been edited so you don’t see how the bike got in front of the ATV in the first place. Was it put there as a barricade? Probably. The police decide to push through which infuriates the crowd. They scream at the cops and someone even kicks the vehicle:

In case you missed the news, Occupiers rampaged through Oakland, San Francisco and Seattle on Tuesday, the same day this clip was made. They vandalized dozens of businesses and smashed windows and splashed paint on at least two dozen cars. Cars belonging to total strangers. Damage associated with this rampage is hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Do these kids have a problem with the massive vandalism their movement caused? Maybe, but we haven’t seen a rush of Occupiers eager to publicly condemn the violence Tuesday. If they do have a problem with it, they’re keeping it to themselves.

But when police run over an Occupier’s $100 bike–a bike he appears to have placed in front of a police vehicle–that’s a big deal. In fact, it’s an outrage! Maybe these kids should stop and reflect on this incident for a few moments. Eventually the irony will hit them.