Occupy Blames Cops for Rapes

Occupy Blames Cops for Rapes

Leftists love men and women police officers when they can use them during labor negotiations but after that, they treat them like dogs and even go so far as to blame them for rape. That’s what Occupy Wall Street organizer Harrison Schulz told Hannity tonight, video below. Schulz is a marketer who works for Bank of America but poses as a rager against the machine. 

Schultz said that the NYPD sent rapists to Zuccotti park: “you gotta admit, it was a really cynical, really effective tactic on the part of the authorities.” 

The NYPD must be really powerful, sending rapists all over the country:

Man, those NYPD sure do get around! And if they sent rapists to various encampments … wouldn’t Occupiers do the opposite of telling women to be quiet about it?

But, as Schulz says, “rape happens.” Oh, and it’s “not cool.” It’s just “not cooler” to acknowledge it, because the corporate anti-corporatist astroturf movement may look bad.