Obama stumps on college campuses

Obama stumps on college campuses

COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 5 (UPI) —
Political analysts say President Obama’s weekend campaign rallies in Ohio and Virginia will reignite some of the enthusiasm that swept him to victory in 2008.

Obama, now 50 and bearing some scars from his first term, appeared Saturday on the campuses of Virginia Commonwealth and Ohio State to launch the latest phase in his re-election bid.

The goal, analysts say, will be to revive his image as a crusader for “change,” which resonated so well among college-age voters four years ago.

The newspaper said Obama will portray himself as being more in tune with the middle class than Republican Mitt Romney and will contrast his record and plans against Romney’s agenda.

The Republican camp conceded Obama is a skilled campaigner who will be in his element this weekend; however, they said his own record over the past four years has been a failure and will be a significant handicap.