Fast & Furious: Gosar to Lead Special Order on House Floor

Fast & Furious: Gosar to Lead Special Order on House Floor

On Thursday, May 10, at 3PM EST on C-SPAN, Representative PaulGosar will lead a Special Order on the House floor concerning Operation Fastand Furious. The Special Order will allow members of the House to talk about the Department of Justice’s gunwalking scandal which resulted in the death of a border patrol agent.

“I continue to marvel at the defense of inaction by the Minority which callsthis ‘partisan’ politics,” Gosar stated. “I’m confident that the criminals who have firearms,obtained with help by our nation’s government, will not be checking voterregistration cards when choosing their victims. The people around the nation,but specifically in Arizona where Operation Fast and Furious was carried out,deserve more from their President and their Attorney General.”

Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the Oversight Committee, often says the GOP is using Fast & Furious as an election year witch hunt. It’s quite obvious that,if the DOJ cooperated from the start, this would have ended in late 2011,thus avoiding it in an election year.

Rep Gosar, who represents Arizona’s 1st district, is one of the most aggressivemembers of Congress toward Fast & Furious. Last year he drafted a “noconfidence” resolution against Attorney General Eric Holder. So far he has 108co-sponsors. Many of those same people and others have called for Mr. Holderto resign, totaling 125 Congressmen. But all of them are Republicans, which hascaused Democrats and the liberal media to proclaim all of this a partisan hack jobor witch hunt.

“108 members of congress have signed on to my Resolution of No Confidencein Attorney General Holder,” Gosar explains, “because he must be held accountable for theactions of his department and for his personal unwillingness to cooperate withcongressional oversight requests. I continue to urge members of both parties toco-sign this Resolution and to speak out for the people of the United States andof Mexico who have and will be in harm’s way because of Fast and Furious. I willnot rest until full answers are given about this gunrunning scheme, and justice isserved for those responsible.”

This Special Order will give those who have been silent an opportunity to speakup. Rep Gosar hopes many will. After all, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and the300+ Mexicans murdered as a result of this program deserve justice.

Image source: House Reform & Government Reform Committee Flickr account