Lugar Sends Out An SOS Ahead Of Expected Primary Loss

Lugar Sends Out An SOS Ahead Of Expected Primary Loss

Indiana’s Senator Dick Lugar issued an SOS on Friday as he fell behind grassroots challenger Richard Murdouck by double digits in the most recent polls.

“Every person in Indiana who wants me to continue, every person wherever they might be at this point, I encourage them to come out,” he said. “Come out immediately, as fast as you can.”

Establishment types are painting Mourdock as an upstart who can’t defeat the Democrat challenger in the fall. Mourdock has already proven that he can raise funds at a pace with the longtime politician; he also comes with the added perk of grassroots muscle. 

Democrat Joe Donnelly is already zeroing in on Mourdock, and some in the media are using Lugar’s talking points to discount the likely GOP nominee:

Political analysts have said that Donnelly has a better chance of beating Mourdock than Lugar in the general election.

The establishment wanted the grassroots to believe that Mourdock didn’t have a chance, and now Donnelly is picking up those discarded talking points, getting a jumpstart on Mourdock for the fall. The unfortunate reality for the establishment is that Mourdock has just as good a chance of defeating Donnelly as Lugar; the inability to convey that lies with the Indiana GOP, not Mourdock or the grassroots. 

Donnelly is focusing on Mourdock’s unique battle against the automotive package which bailed out unions at a cost to the public and nationalized a portion of the automotive industry. That Donnelly sees the government as the ultimate arbiter of winners and losers in the private sector is a win for Mourdock and the majority of Americans who are tired of such Obama policies. 

The only people who can screw up the messaging at this point are the Indiana GOP. Let’s hope they don’t allow Lugar to get too desperate in his final failing bid to beat Mourdock.