Could Scott Walker get knocked out of the Governor's office in the primary today?

Could Scott Walker get knocked out of the Governor's office in the primary today?

As far-fetched an idea as it is, it is a small possibility. Since all eyes are on the Democratic Party civil war going on in Wisconsin today, it’s certainly not inconceivable to believe that many republican voters may not feel so inclined to turn out to the polls until they have to next month. But this election has a small catch, a 23 year-old “progressive republican” candidate, Arthur Kohl-Riggs, is on the ballot challenging Scott Walker on the republican ticket.

As Legal Insurrection writes: Kohl-Riggs “appears to be of little threat to Walker,” however in today’s primary, Wisconsinites can vote for democrats and republicans on the same ballot for different offices. The Capital Times, a progressive publication, explains this further. While voters typically vote on a single party ticket, the Wisconsin recall has led to a unique situation.

“The difference is that each of these recall primaries is a separate event that just happen to be occurring on the same day,” explains Reid Magney, a spokesman for the Government Accountability Board. “There was a separate recall petition filed for each of these officeholders.”

To be clear: Voters can only vote for each office once. That means they must choose to vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary for governor, and they must also choose whether to vote in the Democratic or GOP primary for lieutenant governor.

You wouldn’t think Scott Walker has much to lose on a day like today, when the real battleground is over the Democratic Party nomination for the recall election. But in a historically unique election, is it unthinkable to end up with a historically unique outcome.

With democrats able to vote democrat in every other recall race for the candidate of their choice, could they be inclined to vote for a kid who shows up to all the protests dressed up like Abraham Lincoln, claiming to be for “workers rights?” This could actually be the easiest way to unseat Walker after all.

On the possibility that republican voters in Wisconsin think today is not the most important day to show up to the polls under the circumstances, they better make sure that is not the case, and ensure they avoid a horribly embarrassing nightmare.