Principled Conservative Action Will Lead this Nation

Principled Conservative Action Will Lead this Nation

The beginning of 2013 marks an impending disaster for our nation. The Bush tax cuts expire; we reach our national debt ceiling; and the 2013 appropriations bills may not be passed in time to avoid crippling sequestration budget cuts. This election will be crucial in determining the direction of our nation: One of fiscal responsibility and principled leadership or the compromise of decades past. We can no longer afford to deceive ourselves about the urgency and severity of our situation. We are in the “Age of Consequences” – An inescapable outcome to years of ineffective leadership and symbolic dedication to Conservative principles: RINOs compromised rather than fought; appeased rather than demanded; and surrendered rather than resisted.

I cannot fathom how any true Conservative can sacrifice core values for the sake of political expediency and appeasement. Those values, after all, distinguish Conservatism from the fleeting, cult-popularity of Progressivism. We, as a nation, must turn to a new generation of conservative bulldogs intent on leading us toward a path of principled governance and tangible solutions. We know Conservative ideas and leadership are timeless in their righteousness. We need more fighters in Washington who act accordingly.

Our Constitution clearly sets the parameters government must operate within to ensure maximum independence and responsibility for the individual. For years, we have tolerated agencies like the Department of Energy, Education, and the EPA because we adapted to the unwelcome intrusion of government in nearly every facet of our lives – Adaptation does not translate to Constitutionality or necessity. We must demand more than the repeal of Obamacare- it’s time Conservatives in Washington went on the offensive and took some ground.

We can dismantle big government–bill by bill and amendment by amendment. Personally, I would like to start with the EPA. As a geologist, I have had past run-ins with the minions of the EPA. This agency is about junk science and radical “environmental justice”. Like so many others, it has no justifiable place in our government. These regulatory bureaucracies leave the economy smoldering like a brand new Chevy Volt. Speaking of which, that’s an example of government social and economic engineering at its finest: government subsidized, yet outrageously expensive and a floundering piece of junk. Sounds a bit like Solyndra, First Solar, Soliant Energy, Post Office, Amtrak… I think you get the picture. If we want to see the power of the free market, look to our natural gas industry. Left largely unregulated, natural gas goes for around $2 per million BTUs. Imagine the price of gasoline if the free market was left alone?

We can win these battles and ultimately the war, but not without a complete commitment from our elected representatives and a constituency keen on holding their feet to the fire. Take an inventory of your level of dedication to Conservative ideals and ask yourself, “How much is this nation and its future worth to my family and me?”

I have already made that decision. Have you?