I'm Waiting For The Left To Start Calling Black Church Leaders 'Bigots'

I'm Waiting For The Left To Start Calling Black Church Leaders 'Bigots'

Black church leaders have condemned the President’s words on same sex marriage from the pulpit:

Just days after President Barack Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, pastors and priests around Maryland took to their own pulpits with their reaction- and in some cases- condemnation of the president.

Everyone who fits the progressives’ White Anglo-Saxon Protestant stereotype of conservatives is referred to as a bigot if he or she disagrees with the President on SSM. So when will the left say the same of black church leaders? Obama is already trying to patch up the damage.

It’s a similar story to that of Prop 8: the left zealously attacked the Mormons but said little of the black community who voted overwhelmingly for Prop 8.

Progressives found themselves in a quandary: if they criticized the black or hispanic communities, they would look like racists. Their way out was to focus the entirety of their hatred onto Mormons, the safe group to attack. The strategy worked. 

Will a similar strategy work again? As progressives celebrate the President’s words on gay marriage (but say nothing of his refusal to add it to the DNC platform, so nothing at all has changed) how will they handle the voices from the black community who are criticizing the President’s hastily-organized stance? Will they try to buy off more preachers