MoveOn's Justin Ruben Fundraises over Objections of Hazing Victim's Family

MoveOn's Justin Ruben Fundraises over Objections of Hazing Victim's Family

Which act seems like a worse act of bullying to you — an isolated incident of prep school hazing nearly fifty years ago or dishonestly using that incident to raise money and score political points against the stated wishes and emotional anguish of the hazing victim’s family?

Liberal activist group MoveOn Political Action is using the Romney hazing incident as the centerpiece of their new fundraising letter signed by their Executive Director Justin Ruben, who covers the same ground in an ad-vitorial on The Huffington Post.

Nowhere does Ruben mention that the late John Lauber’s sister said the following about the incident days ago:

“The family of John Lauber is releasing a statement saying the portrayal of John is factually incorrect and we are aggrieved that he would be used to further a political agenda. There will be no more comments from the family.”

It’s hard to imagine that such a statement would add to Ruben’s narrative of cruel, mean, rich, bullying, insensitive, homophobic Mitt Romney. Nor can Ruben mention the Washington Post’s questionable reporting of the story. That wouldn’t bring in donations, nor would mentioning that a young Barack Obama once taunted and then shoved a girl.

However, it’s important to focus on the inherent cruelty of Ruben’s disregard for the Lauber family’s feelings in this matter. This gives us a deeper look into the lack of empathy and honesty that Justin Ruben and MoveOn Political Action have–the sort of empathy that must go missing in a group that supports murderous abortion on demand and ignores the plaintive cries of Americans forced out of work by illegal immigrants taking their jobs and driving down wages.

Justin Ruben stands with Barack Obama and other supporters of an overbearing government that grinds the bones of those seeking freedom from overtaxation and overregulation under their steel-toed jackboots. While citizens in Tea Party groups struggle to speak truth to power, the callous Justin Ruben mocks their fight and shows a shocking, Ted Bundy-like detachment from their feelings. This is significant because that dastardly figure Justin Ruben is raising millions of dollars–a sum that most Americans can hardly imagine–on the tears and suffering of the Lauber family. One can almost hear Justin Ruben and his team at MoveOn cackling in a cave high in the mountains, where they await the dark cover of night before they slink down into the foothills armed with machetes.

I know all these accusations are true and important about Justin Ruben because he ignored the Lauber family’s wishes.

See how easy it is to jump to ridiculous conclusions by playing armchair shrink, Mr. Ruben? Of course you know how easy it is. You did it, after all. Quite a business model you’ve got there.