SC Democrat Senate Leader Slurs Nikki Haley

SC Democrat Senate Leader Slurs Nikki Haley

Progressives are once again slurring South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. This incident comes by way of Phil Bailey, Political Director of the South Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus, via Twitter. Oh yes, he wrote it not once, but twice:

When confronted about his remarks on Twitter, Bailey gloated. According to

The comments came in response to what Bailey thought was the governor’s involvement at the hearing to determine the eligibility of State Senate District 23 candidate Katrina Shealy.

Haley’s spokesperson Rob Godfrey said of the comments: “That speaks for itself.”

Bailey is the co-host of Pub Politics, a radio show, that saw State Sen. Jake Knotts refer to Haley and President Obama as “ragheads” during Haley’s election campaign in 2010.

A tape of Knotts’ comments was leaked to the media yesterday.

War on women? War on minorities?